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From the archives: ‘Smiler’ Marshall

smiler MarshallHave been going through the archives last couple of days and came across portrait of  ‘Smiler’ Marshall 

I photographed him just before he died in 2005 and it was an honour to meet him, he was born in 1897, joined the Cavalry (when they used horses) fought and was wounded in the First World war. Incredible.

© Jonathan Ford


I spent a few days in Norway earlier this week and traveled to the island of Lofoten within the Arctic circle.  It is a truly beautiful place, where the wondrous landscapes are intensified by the perpetual light. Well worth the three flights it took to get there.
The salted cod got a bit tedious though, especially at breakfast.

norway© Jonathan Ford


RouxPoster_056_© Jonathan Ford

I recently completed a project photographing the judges and contestants for new television programme, The Roux Scholarship. I traveled from Scotland to Cornwall and met some wonderfully talented people as well as tasting some amazing food.

The project culminated in a shoot with the main judges, shot at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge where we set up a ‘studio’ to shoot this final image.

Jo Brand



Recent Portrait of the delightful and very funny Jo Brand. Shot for her new show Jo Brand’s ‘Great Wall of Comedy’

© Jonathan Ford


Spent last week in Greece on holiday with my family, had a wonderfully relaxing time. Hardly picked up a camera, was too busy eating olives and topping up my tan, but here’s a brief picture precis of the main events…

Holiday montage

Endeavour 2


© Jonathan Ford


I recently finished shooting the title images for the ITV Drama ‘Endeavour’. It was a joy to work on and a fantastic production. Here is one of the main images and I’ll upload some more next week.

Endeavour | ITV Drama | Jonathan Ford | Shaun Evans | Roger Allam

© Jonathan Ford

Barry Cryer

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Barry Cryer as part of a bigger shoot, and what a funny bloke he is, he kept us all entertained and made my job infinitely easier.  I’ll post the final images soon when they are released but in the meantime here is one of my favourites from the session.


Barry C

© Jonathan Ford


Fordm09© Jonathan Ford


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